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AWS Managed Hosting

We help e-commerce companies, for whom traditional hosting solutions are no longer sufficient, to plan, implement and administer complex managed hosting infrastructures based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.


AWS offers a fast infrastructure, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reliability and security. The cloud components and our powerful hosting stack will bring more performance to your store, which will increase the user experience and your conversion rate.


A fast page load, scalability and reliability are essential to our customers. We make sure that your online store runs in a safe and high-performance environment. Customers from all over the world trust us. Discover more benefits.

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Success in E-Commerce starts with the Hosting

Our professional managed-cloud solutions for WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart (and many more) offer you a high-performance e-commerce hosting in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Thanks to our many years of experience in managed hosting, we are a trusted partner who takes responsibility for the reliable operation of your online store so you can focus on your customers and products.

With practical scalability, high reliability, and per-hour payment, AWS reduces infrastructure costs while increasing productivity and security. We can create a sophisticated, secure and highly efficient server environment for your online store that easily withstands high user traffic (50,000 simultaneous visitors and more are no problem when combining AWS with our powerful software-stack). Here are some more benefits you have with Amazon Web Services and us:

The Fastest AWS managed hosting page load for Magento and WooCommerce

Fast Page-Load

We will increase the performance of your online store using the globally connected AWS infrastructure, the latest high-performance hosting software and our many years of experience.

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Higher conversion-rate with high-performance AWS managed hosting

Higher Conversion

Every millisecond in which your store loads slower, costs you substantial loss of revenue. Be more professional than your competitors and increase your conversion-rate with professional hosting.

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Cost-Effective AWS managed hosting for Magento and WooCommerce


AWS cuts off the high costs of hardware and lets you pay only for resources you consume. Based on an hourly billing, AWS lets you start and stop services when you actually need them.

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Stable and Reliable AWS cloud hosting for e-commerce online shops

Stable & Reliable

The Service Level Agreement of AWS guarantees an uptime of 99.99%, some services even run at 100%. Understandable that in this environment high-turnover online stores are in good hands.

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Grow faster and sell more with AWS Magento and WooCommerce flexible hosting

Grow Faster

AWS provides perfect conditions to grow faster than in traditional data centers. You no longer have to plan hardware purchases - you need more power, then just get it in a blink of an eye.

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Be competitive with AWS Magento and WooCommerce cloud hosting

Be Competitive

How much is the best-designed store worth if it can not deliver its content at a fast pace? A fast server environment ​​is crucial to e-commerce and one of the biggest benefits of AWS cloud computing.

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Secure managed hosting on the AWS cloud for Magento and WooCommerce


The AWS cloud protects you against DDoS attacks, while the AWS Web Application Firewall minimizes unnecessary risks. We do the rest by hardening your server and making it a fortress.

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Focus on sales and conversion-rate with our managed hosting for Magento and WooCommerce

Focus on Sales

You have the opportunity to focus on your core business by letting us take care of your IT. In this way, you can plan on a much larger scale and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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24x7x365 support for Magento and WooCommerce managed hosting

24x7x365 Support

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our support team is always available for you and happy to help you. You can feel save with our ongoing 24x7x365 emergency support. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Why Managed Hosting?

An online retailer needs to take care of many things at the same time: Orders, support, complaints, shipping, returns, merchandise, and more. Do you really like to take care of the IT yourself as well? Rather not. The question of why you should resort to managed hosting solutions can therefore be easily answered: IT is simply not your core business. Invest your time and energy in the sale of your goods and let us take responsibility for the smooth operation of your online store. Among other things, we take care of the following areas:


We optimize the performance of the complete server infrastructure and take care of fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load. Furthermore, we carry out regular performance checks.


Operating system updates and patch management of installed software are the foundation of a well-functioning server. Our experts always keep your servers up to date.


The AWS cloud is best protected against DDoS attacks - we take care of the necessary configuration. Our security concept includes regular security checks and services such as a managed firewall.


We configure the flexible addition or removal of servers and the automatic scaling with AWS Auto-Scaling for your managed hosting infrastructure.


The installation, configuration and maintenance of the hosting software (Debian, NGINX, MySQL, Redis, Varnish, Docker and PHP-FPM) are provided by our specialists.


Our sophisticated 24/7 system monitoring with a max. one-hour response time monitors important system, security and performance metrics.


We offer established solutions for a highly available and redundant infrastructure consisting of software solutions such as load balancing and database replication.


Proactive and regular backups with automatic recovery are essential in case of emergency and for us a foundation of proper system administration.


A 24/7 emergency service, personal support during the migration and in the daily business and a close cooperation with developers is a matter of course.

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