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E-Commerce hosting specialists

Years of experience have made us a team that you can rely on in the field of managed hosting. In doing so, we came to the conclusion that there is no way around Amazon Web Services (AWS) for high-performance e-commerce solutions. That's why we specialize in the following area: The managed hosting for WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento (and more) in the AWS cloud. The focus is primarily on high-traffic online stores running in their own dedicated infrastructure.

Amazon AWS Hosting Specialists

Our Philosophy

We believe that long-term success comes only when you have partners at your side that you can absolutely rely on. We know the responsibility we carry by taking on managed hosting for our business customers. That's why customer focus and proactive communication are in the foreground for us. We want you to find in us a partner who gives you security. That's why we do everything we can to make you more successful through our e-commerce hosting, because our business model only works if it creates added value for you in the long term.

Experience and Dedication

We want to understand the setups of our customers down to the smallest detail in order to find the right individual solution together so that your e-commerce application runs in a reliable and safe manner. We know that every environment is unique and has its individual characteristics. The same configuration that works well for one customer can limit important features on an another system. Experience and individual approach are extremely important in managed hosting. That's why we work hard to help our customers achieve their goals faster and get better.

Managed Hosting Specialists

We offer professional managed hosting and develop customized solutions for e-commerce projects of all sizes (mostly for WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart stores). A central monitoring platform monitors all instances along with their performance values and notifies our support team if certain parameters are exceeded. In this way, most problems can be identified and eliminated before they actually occur, which guarantees a stable server operation and consistent performance.

Some more areas we take care of:

  • Helping you with the planning, implementation and administration of complex managed hosting infrastructures based on the Amazon Web Services cloud (AWS)
  • Optimizing the server performance and performing regular page load checks
  • Full maintenance of your AWS infrastructure (security, backups, monitoring)
  • Regular operating system, software and security updates/patches
  • Managed firewall, system alerts and notification
  • Proactive system monitoring around the clock with on-call service

Good service is the foundation of our work

The foundation of our 24/7/365 support is a team of competent support staff and experienced administrators who are always available for you - even outside business hours in an emergency. Your server environment is therefore in the safest hands - our AWS Managed Hosting specialists take care of server maintenance, operating system updates, monitoring, security and optimization.

The best service for AWS managed hosting

Of course, the best AWS managed hosting is only good if a reliable service is behind it. In practice, this means that we do everything we can to ensure that all functionality runs like a clockwork in the background.

Please also take a look at our FAQ (frequently asked questions). There you will also find a lot of useful information.

More performance, more sales!

A successful online store needs a solid and high-performing foundation to be competitive. This systematically increases the user experience, which ultimately has a very positive effect on sales. Our discerning business customers around the world are aware of the importance of professional e-commerce hosting and appreciate the technical edge over the competition, which offers them a faster infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services Managed Hosting

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you benefit from a powerful, fast, highly available, scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure that already powers worldwide hundreds of thousands online-stores.

Our AWS Managed Hosting Plans

We take care of hosting your online store in the AWS Cloud. Our powerful software stack reduces the page load time of your store, ultimately increasing your conversion rate. Be ahead of the competition and test the best-performing e-commerce hosting:

AWS Managed Hosting WooCommerce Magento WordPress

The Single-Server hosting plans provide a flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the cloud:

The Multi-Server hosting plans guarantee fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load:

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