AWS E-Commerce Hosting

High-Performance Hosting for your E-Business

We offer two types of AWS E-Commerce hosting products: Single-Server and Multi-Server hosting plans. The difference is in the performance, redundancy and scalability of the infrastructure - this way we can offer the right environment for every type of online store.

AWS E-Commerce Hosting

More Performance, More Sales

Benefit from powerful hosting technologies that significantly reduce the page load time of your online store. Increase your conversion rate with high performance AWS cloud hosting.

Optimized for E-Commerce

All hosting components used by us are excellently optimized for your store whether it's WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento. Any software on your server is exactly adapted to the needs of your system.

24/7 Hosting Support

Our support team is always available for you and happy to help you. In addition, our 24x7x365 emergency support is available if you need to contact us in an emergency outside business hours.

AWS E-Commerce Hosting Plans

Success in E-Commerce starts with the Hosting

Single Server AWS Hosting Plans

For small to medium-sized online stores

A flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the AWS cloud. We perfectly adapt a dedicated server instance to the needs of your online store. The new hosting quality forms the basis for secure growth, higher revenues and a better user experience for your e-commerce.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

Multi Server AWS Hosting Plans

For large online shops and global players

Fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load (50.000 simultaneous visitors and more are no problem). You can have multiple instances of web, caching and database servers in operation, allowing you to handle even the highest load. Your online store will always perform fast, regardless of the high load.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

AWS E-Commerce Hosting

AWS E-Commerce Hosting

As an e-commerce site owner, you need to consider that your online store must provide a good user experience (UX) for it to be popular. One very important aspect of user experience is the page load time of your website. Fast sites attract more users and these users spend more time on those sites. You have probably gotten your e-commerce store built painstakingly by your developers and made them write fast loading code. But if your web hosting is not fast enough, then it will prove to be a performance bottleneck and your e-shop may not be able to compete with the faster ones. As an e-shop owner you will always be on the lookout for the best web hosting for your site. When it comes to hosting e-commerce sites, we highly recommend AWS e-commerce hosting.

What is AWS E-Commerce Hosting?

AWS e-commerce hosting is a web-hosting solution which enables the hosting of your e-commerce website on the cloud servers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Services offers a flexible, secured, highly scalable, and low-cost e-commerce cloud computing solution for small to large sized businesses for online sales and retailing. AWS caters to the specialized needs of hosting an e-shop site.

Managed Services with AWS E-Commerce Hosting

AWS E-commerce hosting has to be managed well for it to be effective. You need to hire server administrators who specialize in managing AWS e-commerce hosting for the best possible business outcomes because as an online store owner, you mostly do not have the technical knowledge or expertise to manage your AWS e-commerce hosting yourself.

It is not easy, especially for someone who is not an IT professional, to administer the e-commerce hosting platform in the AWS Cloud. This is where we, as a Managed Hosting Services provider, can help you.

We provide managed services for our AWS e-commerce hosting clients. We have more than a decade of experience in AWS e-commerce hosting and our experts can manage everything related to your e-commerce hosting for you. We can help you to leverage the power of AWS. For example, we can use specialized AWS tools to automate application processes for you so that smooth and efficient daily operation of those processes can be ensured.

IT systems related to AWS e-commerce hosting are fairly complex. A problem in any of the cogs or wheels can cause an issue in the system. We will manage your AWS E-commerce hosting for you and respond to any incidents that may occur in the day-to-day running of your online store.

You developers can liaise with our support team to collaborate with us at any time, we will answer their questions and solve problems whenever they occur. Their questions may involve technical issues about which you may not know anything. But we can answer those questions on your behalf. With our service, there will be maximum uptimes.

We configure your AWS E-commerce hosting servers to maintain an optimum configuration. We ensure best results in terms of performance and security, among other things, under changing conditions. You will get the best performance if you choose us to maintain your AWS e-commerce hosting. You will be in good hands. You can focus on your business management, leaving the administration tasks of managing your AWS e-commerce site hosting to us.

AWS E-Commerce Hosting with StorePace

Try our managed hosting services on the AWS e-commerce hosting platform. It has a host of benefits. Our administrators will help you leverage the full power of AWS infrastructure and it's components. If you opt for our AWS E-commerce hosting, your online store will have the full backing of Amazon's multi-billion dollar global infrastructure and our long expertise in e-commerce hosting. Your clients will love your stable and fast loading website! AWS E-commerce hosting will boost the performance of your shop as well as your sales. It is the best fit for your online store. Let us manage your AWS E-commerce hosting and watch your business grow with our managed e-commerce hosting services!

Why should store owners use AWS E-Commerce Hosting?

E-commerce websites are mostly built on platforms like WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento. To unleash the full power of these platforms, you need powerful servers and a hosting platform meant especially for e-commerce. You need protection from attackers at a commensurate level. You also need hosting that is economical and within your budget. AWS cloud servers are the best servers to host online stores built on these platforms, according to the criteria above. The global AWS infrastructure allows websites to be served in any of the 18 geographic locations. This is convenient because with AWS e-commerce hosting, your customers can visit your shop from anywhere in the world.

AWS E-Commerce Benefits

AWS e-commerce hosting provides the following benefits:

  • Economical Pricing: With AWS you pay only for what you use. The more resources you use, the more you will pay. The term "resources" refers to server Hard Disk, RAM, CPU, databases, bandwidth, etc. With Amazon's Infrastructure-On-Demand model, you no longer spend fixed amounts of money running traditional data centers. You focus on the core of your business and pay hourly only for the infrastructure you use currently. You can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from Amazon's on-demand rates. You also save more by using more due to AWS's tiered pricing structure.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: AWS has the most reliable infrastructure. The AWS Service Level Agreement ensures 99.99% uptime for most of the cloud services in all AWS regions.
  • Scalable and High-Performance: AWS cloud servers have low latency, low response time, high availability and high bandwidth. They help your site load faster and perform better, even in high web traffic conditions. Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network (CDN), is integrated with AWS e-commerce hosting to speed up your hosting. It can be used to deliver your dynamic, static, and streaming website content using a global network of edge locations. Requests for your content are automatically routed to the nearest edge location, so your customers never wait too long for your site to load - this makes your site load really fast.
    The web traffic on your online store can fluctuate significantly. From lower daily traffic at night to traffic spikes on weekends to holiday season campaigns, the number of simultaneous users on your online store can vary tremendously. On the one hand you need to be prepared for high traffic to your website in peak times. On the other hand you only want to use whatever infrastructure is necessary to accommodate low traffic in off-peak times. AWS e-commerce hosting lets you adapt to both circumstances! Your site can grow or shrink according to demand.
  • Better conversion rates and Return Of Investment: A site hosted with AWS E-commerce hosting will load much faster in the visitor's browser. Slower sites will frustrate users and will have a negative impact on your business. If the page load time of your website is more than 1 second, then it is highly likely that impatient users will leave your site and will never return.
    On the other hand, a faster website will attract more users and make them spend more time on your site. The whole experience of choosing a product for purchase and the checkout process will be much better. You will experience higher conversions rates, more sales, more revenue and, of course, more profit. Amazon e-commerce hosting gives you an edge over your competitors. You will surely get a better return on your investment.
  • Flexible in choice of services: E-commerce sites can be developed with a multitude of technologies. PHP and MySQL databases are among the most popular ones. AWS gives the flexibility to choose an operating system, a web application platform, persistence tiers, etc. So, no matter what platform your online store is built on, you can rely on the fact, that AWS will host it.
  • Secure Hosting: AWS has several measures to harden its infrastructure against attackers. Physical measures include electronic surveillance, two-factor system authentication, protection from fire hazards, temperature and humidity fluctuations and power outages, etc. AWS uses cryptographically secure protocols for data access and transmission across the network. AWS also installs security patches regularly on their hosting which removes security holes from their systems. AWS reviews, tests, approves and communicates all changes to customer-impacting services thoroughly.
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