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E-Commerce is growing strongly compared to traditional retail. Many retailers are generating higher sales on the Web than in traditional retailing. An online shop is therefore today a question of securing the existence of an e-commerce company. However, the successful operation of an online shop is still very complex and technically very complicated, despite finished construction kits. One solution is Managed-Hosting in the AWS Cloud.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting means that you place the technical administration of your online shop in the hands of external managed hosting experts, who are very familiar with the fundamental hosting technologies and know how to operate an online shop so that it can unfold its full potential. This also means that the online shop is installed on a dedicated server to achieve high performance. A whole range of cloud solutions are now available for this purpose. The most reliable and stable of these is Amazon's AWS cloud.

With AWS managed hosting, the server capacity is used as required. Servers can be added or removed flexibly. This increases efficiency and the customer only pays for the resources he actually needs. Therefore such a solution is economically more profitable for most online shops. Security is also higher overall. A server that is permanently maintained by a managed hosting partner is in good hands because it is subject to constant security controls. A managed hosting service also guarantees higher reliability. The service is secured at all times, 24 hours a day, by a reliable on-call service.

AWS Cloud Computing is therefore much more advantageous for the performance of an online shop. After competent configuration by the managed hosting partner, sufficient resources are always available. Even at peak times, e.g. on public holidays or Christmas, there are no significant performance restrictions. In an online shop that does not rely on AWS services and managed hosting, performance can drop if the other services, which are also located on this server, are heavily frequented. We, on the other hand, use all resources sensibly and redundantly for you. By using cloud storage (S3, Glacier), backup copies can also be stored at much lower costs than in conventional data centres.

Advantages of Managed Hosting in the AWS Cloud

Outsourcing the administration of an online store offers a whole range of advantages, because the service is tailored to the individual needs of the customer. The server instance on which the online shop is installed is specially adapted to a powerful cloud infrastructure. Thus, the server can be configured exactly to the requirements of the e-commerce company. No unnecessary resources are wasted and no small server instances are used to run the online shop. A too small server instance is associated with longer load times, which reduces the likelihood of a conversion.

More time for core business through AWS managed hosting

Those who hand over the technical-administrative tasks of an online shop to an external expert have more time to take care of the core business of their own e-commerce company. Since the operation of an online shop takes a lot of time and is technically very complex, hiring an external expert can save a lot of time. You can use this time, for example, to expand your business or to develop and implement new visions. This also ensures that you no longer have to worry about technical problems as your managed hosting partner takes care of them.

Accurate planning is essential

In order for your online shop to fully exploit its potential, the IT infrastructure must be carefully planned. For managed hosting in the AWS Cloud, careful analysis in advance is the most important prerequisite for optimal performance. Only those who optimally record the demand for server capacities in advance can achieve optimum performance in the end. The performance of the cloud is also an important criterion, which is why we analyse the requirements of your e-commerce business in detail in advance. That's why we take the time to learn as much as possible about your online shop. This is the only way we can develop optimal solutions for you.

The use of the latest cloud technology

Professional managed hosting in the AWS cloud means that the technologies used for your online shop are always up to date. Attackers and malicious competitors are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in server systems. With AWS cloud hosting you don't have to worry about regular maintenance and updating of your software if you have a reliable managed hosting partner at your side. Once a new software version or security update is available to fix old vulnerabilities, we will automatically update or install it. Your customers won't feel any limitations. And in the unlikely event of a failure, our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to focus your marketing efforts more effectively on attracting more visitors to your servers.

The Importance of AWS Managed Hosting for a Shop Owner

If you delegate the technical administration of your online shop to an external AWS managed hosting specialist such as StorePace, you can be sure that you will receive only the most competent service. You will be relieved of a lot of time because the administration and maintenance of your online shop is no longer your responsibility. This also means more economic advantages for you, because you only pay for the server capacities that you actually use: If a server reaches its limits, a second server is automatically added or the original server instance is enlarged, and if you consume less resources, the resources are also adjusted accordingly.

More performance, more sales!

A successful online store needs a solid and high-performing foundation to be competitive. This systematically increases the user experience, which ultimately has a very positive effect on sales. Our discerning business customers around the world are aware of the importance of professional e-commerce hosting and appreciate the technical edge over the competition, which offers them a faster infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services Managed Hosting

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you benefit from a powerful, fast, highly available, scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure that already powers worldwide hundreds of thousands online-stores.

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