Managed Hosting Benefits

High-Performance Hosting increases your Conversion Rate

A merchant needs to focus on one thing: Selling. However, high-turnover online stores require the use of the latest technologies to stay competitive. And at some point the administration demands too much time and know-how – this is where we come into play. Our team of experts makes sure your store runs in a dedicated, reliable, secure and stable environment.

High-Performance Cloud Hosting Benefits

Your benefits when hosting with us

The importance of performance in e-commerce

Slow online stores quickly lose customers. Fast load times and low latencies, on the other hand, mean a larger number of sales and customers.

One major aspect that is significantly affected by slow load times is the conversion-rate. A study compiled by Amazon in 2009 confirms this fact:

High Performance AWS Managed Hosting

A 100 millisecond longer page load time will cost the company 1% in revenue. This means that every second of waiting time leads to sales losses of about 10 percent!

We are concentrating especially on this subject in e-commerce hosting. Therefore, the software we use is specifically designed to reduce the page load time of your online store in order to increase your conversion-rate. After all, our customers do not just want secure hosting, they want to sell more as well.

Easy Cloud Migration

Migrating to Amazon Web Services is usually less complicated than expected. We migrate your e-commerce shop system (WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and others) from your current root or managed server into the AWS cloud in no time. We take over and coordinate the entire move for you and carry it through without interruption. The migration is scheduled in our pricing models at no extra cost.

Check out our FAQ to learn more about how we will migrate your store into the AWS cloud:


Security plays an extremely important role: Our security management includes egular security checks, patching, firewall rules and backup monitoring, so that your website benefits from a high level of security.

Secure AWS managed hosting

Amazon Web Services has commitments to standards such as PCI DSS v3.0, ISO 27001 and BSI IT. An advantage of the AWS cloud is that customers can scale and innovate without sacrificing security.

The AWS cloud is best protected against DDoS attacks - we take care of the necessary configuration.


We leverage proven technologies for our managed ecommerce hosting services. Our powerful software stack for PHP applications such as WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento uses only technically mature open source software and is constantly being developed for you.

Amongst others, we use the following software components to host your PHP applications in the AWS Cloud:

  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • MySQL with xtraDb Engine
  • Docker
  • NGINX Web Server
  • The PHP7 Programming Language
  • Redis Cache
  • Varnish HTTP-Accelerator

AWS On-Demand Pricing

Using the AWS platform enables you to significantly reduce your operation costs. In particular, spendings on hardware, servers and inflexible leases will be reduced or eliminated altogether. As a result, you can focus on the value-adding parts of your business.

Cost effective AWS Magento Managed Hosting

The AWS on-demand scalability is accompanied by billing models that are fundamentally different from traditional hosting offerings. Instead of paying a fixed monthly fee for a server, cloud hosting instances are typically paid by actual usage or amount of data.

If instances are not used, you can freeze them and significantly reduce the price of use.

More performance, more sales!

A successful online store needs a solid and high-performing foundation to be competitive. This systematically increases the user experience, which ultimately has a very positive effect on sales. Our discerning business customers around the world are aware of the importance of professional e-commerce hosting and appreciate the technical edge over the competition, which offers them a faster infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services Managed Hosting

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you benefit from a powerful, fast, highly available, scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure that already powers worldwide hundreds of thousands online-stores.

Our AWS Managed Hosting Plans

We take care of hosting your online store in the AWS Cloud. Our powerful software stack reduces the page load time of your store, ultimately increasing your conversion rate. Be ahead of the competition and test the best-performing e-commerce hosting:

AWS Managed Hosting WooCommerce Magento WordPress

The Single-Server hosting plans provide a flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the cloud:

The Multi-Server hosting plans guarantee fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load:

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