Magento AWS Managed Hosting

Magento is a stable e-commerce platform that requires a professional and proven server configuration to function smoothly. Thanks to our many years of experience in Magento Managed Hosting, we can create an individual server environment for you that is perfectly tailored to your Magento shop and offers maximum performance.

E-Commerce Cloud Hosting for Magento

Magento AWS Managed Hosting

In addition to sophisticated hardware, it is important to have experts who are familiar with Magento's requirements. That's why it's helpful to have a reliable managed hosting partner who can help you run a Magento online store and prepare and maintain your server for the long term.

We offer you the whole spectrum of Magento AWS managed hosting. Another advantage, in addition to our years of experience in Magento AWS hosting, is the secure migration to the AWS cloud, which is included in our hosting packages at no additional cost. AWS offers you the necessary resources to ensure the reliable operation of the hardware - we as Magento experts take care of the smooth and high-performance operation of your server environment.

What are the requirements for Magento Managed Hosting?

Magento, unlike other systems, requires more resources. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the server load to increase dramatically with high traffic. Our managed hosting offerings are designed for this scenario. The hosting software we use is much more powerful than the competition and requires less RAM, but at the same time answers more requests per second. For your Magento this means more stability and better performance, even if several thousand customers are active on your online shop at the same time. For the users of your Magento this means shorter loading times, which contributes to a positive perception of your offer. Satisfied users tend to be more willing to buy, which is sustainable for your turnover.

Flexibility and Performance in the AWS Cloud

The success of an online shop depends not insignificantly on the IT infrastructure and the hosting software used. For this reason, more and more shop operators are using Magento in the flexible and versatile AWS cloud. The advantages of cloud hosting are well known: High availability and fault tolerance, automatic scaling, redundancy and a pay-as-you-go model that only calculates the actual demand.

But those who use conventional web hosting in traditional data centers for Magento quickly reach their limits, because the online merchant has to commit to a fixed service package right from the start. However, often it only becomes clear in large marketing campaigns how much computing power and RAM are actually needed to run your Magento shop smoothly. If the server is too small, it has to be reworked. Many people rent too large servers as a precaution, which is usually associated with unnecessarily high costs.

Internet retailers who want to be successful and competitive with their Magento in the long run rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) instead of investing in expensive hardware or inflexible data centers. As the business grows rapidly, we make sure there's enough capacity available at all times. As your needs grow, we can automatically expand your Magento resources in no time. On the other hand, resources that are no longer needed are released.

However, these are not the only benefits of Amazon cloud hosting. AWS only charges you for the resources your Magento store has actually used. The time spent installing and maintaining traditional hosting hardware and the money saved can be used to expand your e-commerce business.

We are specialists for Magento Managed-Hosting

Managed hosting with Storepace guarantees you constant availability and performance of your Magento - even during peak loads and under high loads. Our experience in the administration of web servers with Magento leads to a fast, robust and reliable managed hosting for Magento compared to classic hosting services. We help you to use the almost unlimited AWS infrastructure for your e-commerce business.

If you want to stay competitive with your Magento online store, you have to rely on advanced technologies. Unlike traditional hosting providers, Amazon's CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides you with a reliable and high-performance service to deliver data such as JavaScript, CSS, and images to customers around the world at high speeds. Most of our hosting packages include the deployment and configuration of CloudFront.

We offer our customers Managed Hosting Services, which are continuously developed further. In order to use these advantages profitably and sensibly for your e-commerce business, it makes sense to delegate Managed Hosting to a specialist who is familiar with AWS and the administration and maintenance of a Magento server.

AWS Managed Hosting Products

We support e-commerce companies in the conception, implementation and administration of complex managed hosting infrastructures based on the AWS cloud. In doing so, we obtain a precise overview of your current situation and, based on the information obtained, create a server environment that is optimally tailored to your e-commerce business. Below is an overview of our managed hosting product groups:

AWS Managed-Hosting

The Single-Server Environments provide a flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the cloud.

Single-Server Environments

AWS Managed-Hosting

The Multi-Server environments guarantee fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load.

Multi-Server Environments

The focus of our AWS managed hosting products is on fast performance under high server utilization as well as the provision of a secure and stable environment.

Good service is the foundation of our work

The foundation of our 24/7/365 support is a team of competent support staff and experienced administrators who are always available for you - even outside business hours in an emergency. Your server environment is therefore in the safest hands - our AWS Managed Hosting specialists take care of server maintenance, operating system updates, monitoring, security and optimization.

The best service for AWS managed hosting

Of course, the best AWS managed hosting is only good if a reliable service is behind it. In practice, this means that we do everything we can to ensure that all functionality runs like a clockwork in the background.

Please also take a look at our FAQ (frequently asked questions). There you will also find a lot of useful information.

More performance, more sales!

A successful online store needs a solid and high-performing foundation to be competitive. This systematically increases the user experience, which ultimately has a very positive effect on sales. Our discerning business customers around the world are aware of the importance of professional e-commerce hosting and appreciate the technical edge over the competition, which offers them a faster infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services Managed Hosting

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you benefit from a powerful, fast, highly available, scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure that already powers worldwide hundreds of thousands online-stores.

Our Managed-Hosting Plans

We take care of hosting your online store in the AWS Cloud. Our powerful software stack reduces the page load time of your store, ultimately increasing your conversion rate. Be ahead of the competition and test the best-performing e-commerce hosting:

AWS Managed Hosting WooCommerce Magento WordPress

The Single-Server Environments provide a flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the cloud:

The Multi-Server environments guarantee fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load:

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