Storepace Instance Panel

If you are an experienced user or developer you can manage the most important operations of your AWS EC2 Instance conveniently with the help of our Instance Panel. This gives you even more control and visibility over all cloud operations.


The dashboard summarizes key information about your AWS EC2 instance. It gives you a convenient real-time overview of CPU, RAM and disk usage, as well as the most important cloud data such as IP addresses, subnets and instance types. EC2 Instance Panel Dashboard Overview

Manage running Services

The panel gives you an overview of all important services that are directly related to your website. You can restart services or clear the cache here. You can:

  • Restart NGINX, PHP-FPM, MySQL, Varnish and Redis
  • Clear both the Varnish and Redis cache EC2 Instance Panel Services Overview


In this directive you have full influence on your document root where the HTML / PHP files of your store are located. Among other things, you can influence the following settings:

  • Create new Webhosts or delete old ones
  • Take a look at the NGINX/PHP log files
  • Customize your NGINX vhost configuration
  • Install an SSL certificate EC2 Instance Panel Webhosts Overview


In the case that the customer uses the AWS Route53 DNS name server, our panel provides full control over the clients DNS zone:

  • Create new hosted zones or delete old ones
  • Convenient overview of your hosted zone
  • Create new DNS records or delete old ones EC2 Instance Panel DNS Overview

Database Management

Our panel also gives you full control over the core of each application: The Database:

  • Create new databases or delete old ones
  • Create new users or delete old ones
  • Create database backups (dump files) and download them EC2 Instance Panel Databases Overview

User Account Management

Create new users or delete old ones. Specify the home directory of users and create or modify SSH keys. EC2 Instance Panel Accounts Overview


Create new cronjobs or delete old ones. Determine the exact execution times and automate processes. EC2 Instance Panel Cronjobs Overview
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