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WooCommerce is a mature and highly customizable e-commerce platform that can be fully extended according to your own needs. However, the choice of the right hosting should be carefully considered: In order to achieve maximum performance, WooCommerce needs a specially optimized and professional server environment.

WooCommerce AWS Hosting

More Performance, More Sales

Benefit from powerful hosting technologies that significantly reduce the page load time of your WooCommerce shop. Increase your conversion rate with high performance AWS cloud hosting.

Optimized for WooCommerce

All hosting components used by us are excellently optimized for WooCommerce (and WordPress of course). Any software on your server is exactly adapted to the needs of your system.

24/7 Hosting Support

Our support team is always available for you and happy to help you. In addition, our 24x7x365 emergency support is available if you need to contact us in an emergency outside business hours.

AWS Hosting WooCommerce

WooCommerce Hosting Plans

» Success in E-Commerce starts with the Hosting «

Amazon Web Services offers a fast infrastructure, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reliability and security. The AWS cloud components and our powerful hosting stack will bring more performance to your WooCommerce store, which will increase the user experience and your conversion rate.

Amazon Web Services WooCommerce
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NGINX WooCommerce AWS hosting
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A fast page load, scalability and reliability are essential to our customers. We make sure that your WooCommerce store runs in a safe and high-performance environment. Customers from all over the world trust us. Discover more benefits.

Single Server AWS Hosting Plans

For small to medium-sized online stores

A flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the AWS cloud. We perfectly adapt a dedicated server instance to the needs of your WooCommerce shop. The new hosting quality forms the basis for secure growth, higher revenues and a better user experience for your e-commerce.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

Multi Server AWS Hosting Plans

For large online shops and global players

Fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load (50.000 simultaneous visitors and more are no problem). You can have multiple instances of web, caching and database servers in operation, allowing you to handle even the highest load. Your WooCommerce will always perform fast, regardless of the high load.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

WooCommerce AWS Hosting

WooCommerce AWS Hosting

Reliable and efficient hosting is the basis for the long-term success of any website - especially in e-commerce. Online shops based on WooCommerce are no exception: Both WordPress and WooCommerce require a relatively large number of resources in order to function smoothly with a large number of visitors.

For this reason, more and more online shop operators are choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their hosting platform. Fast, robust, and high-quality hosting in the AWS cloud often proves to be the more reliable and powerful alternative to traditional hosting services and data centers.

Our team of WooCommerce AWS Hosting specialists takes care of all the technical details around the server environment of your WooCommerce shop so that you can do the most lucrative thing for you - you can fully concentrate on your sales figures. We attach great importance to a stable, reliable and powerful server operation. This leads to a higher conversion rate in the long run. We create an individual server environment that is perfectly tailored to your WooCommerce shop and offers maximum performance.

Running a successful WooCommerce shop requires a certain amount of expertise that our team has built up over the years. We have optimized all parts of our AWS WooCommerce hosting stack for speed and security and use various caching techniques to achieve maximum performance from your servers.

WooCommerce Hosting in the AWS Cloud

The Amazon Web Services can be used to run the content management system WordPress and thus also WooCommerce. This requires a registered Amazon Web Services account.

If you do not have the necessary technical know-how to carry out a WooCommerce installation via the Amazon Cloud, you should definitely hire a managed hosting partner who can put your WooCommerce AWS Hosting into operation relatively quickly and easily in the Amazon Cloud with his experience. We choose the appropriate server configuration to create a powerful and customized server environment for your needs.

AWS and Storepace - a solid foundation

From today's perspective, AWS is the most mature solution to host WooCommerce. Especially the high scalability enables the creation of a suitable hosting environment. Even with unexpected deviations in the number of visitors (whether too many or too few), a WooCommerce shop accommodated in AWS is in the best environment from a technical and economic point of view. The high performance of the powerful EC2 instances is another important advantage for WooCommerce hosting: Fast loading times are enormously important for both user-friendliness and search engine optimization.

Another important point is the safety factor. As a rule, an online shop has to process sensitive payment information, the misuse of which can cause great damage. For this reason, we carry out regular updates and backups and adhere to all best practices for the operation of WordPress and WooCommerce to ensure maximum security.

With StorePace, you have the right partner at your side for ensuring powerful, reliable and secure WooCommerce AWS Hosting.

What is Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, AWS for short, is a subsidiary of the well-known online trading platform Amazon, founded in 2006. AWS provides an IT infrastructure in the cloud that can run a variety of services, including virtual servers. Amazon Web Services infrastructure is used by some of the world's largest Internet companies, including Dropbox, Netflix, Airbnb, and, of course, Amazon itself. This is a confirmation to the power of Amazon Web Services: If some of the largest and most-used Web applications use AWS successfully, AWS WooCommerce hosting definitely will make your WooCommerce online store a success too.

In addition to the virtual servers that are particularly important for online shops, many other services such as storage solutions, databases or a content delivery network can also be used via AWS.

Advantages of Amazon Web Services WooCommerce Hosting over other hosting solutions

The AWS Cloud differs significantly in many respects from traditional (especially shared, but also dedicated) hosting solutions and thus also offers some relevant advantages. These can be particularly important for WooCommerce online shops.

A big advantage of Amazon Web Services is its scalability. When planning new marketing campaigns for a WooCommerce online store, it's often difficult to predict the amount of traffic. Unfortunately, in practice it often happens that the number of site visitors is either underestimated or overestimated, and a correspondingly inappropriate hosting environment is chosen.

If you initially expect only a few visitors, but receive an unexpected amount of traffic early on, this can slow down the online shop considerably. In extreme cases of such overload, the e-commerce website can also be completely unreachable.

If, on the other hand, you expect a high number of visitors and high traffic for your marketing campaigns right from the start, you have to invest in powerful servers at the beginning of the campaign. Traditional WooCommerce hosting solutions in traditional data centers are very inflexible in this respect, as you have to decide in advance on a certain server size (CPU and RAM). If you don't actually reach the expected number of visitors, you've spent a lot of money unnecessarily.

AWS Auto Scaling WooCommerce

The scalability and flexibility of AWS can help in both cases: There are enormous resources available and the good thing is that the user only pays for the resources actually used. If there are too few visitors, the costs are therefore low - and if there is a lot of traffic, it is ensured that the corresponding server capacities are available. The advantage is that the costs for the AWS infrastructure are based on actual consumption: AWS does not charge the user a fixed monthly fee in advance, but variable costs based on hourly resource consumption.

In addition to scalability, the performance of your WooCommerce online shop is very important for success. A slow website with long loading times usually leads to high bounce rates and a low conversion rate. In addition, the page load time of an e-commerce website is now also a ranking factor in Google's search results. A high performance and fast loading times should therefore always have a high priority. With the sophisticated AWS network infrastructure, AWS-EC2 virtual servers, and our powerful hosting software, we can ensure that your WooCommerce AWS Hosting loads quickly and smoothly. The customer receives a powerful and individual infrastructure right from the start. Subsequent capacity changes can be made easily accessible due to the high flexibility of the system.

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