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In this category of our cloud hosting blog you will find interesting articles about managed cloud hosting, Amazon Web Services (AWS), scalability, redundancy, hosting infrastructure and E-Commerce hosting. For more information about AWS hosting in the cloud, take a look at our single-server and multi-server hosting products.

Redundant Scalable Cloud Hosting

In professional e-commerce, redundancy and scalability are characteristics of highly available systems. Put simply, redundancy describes a scenario in which instances of important components such as the database are duplicated to ensure the availability of the entire infrastructure in the case of a failure. In the event of a malfunction, the reserve instance can intervene and take over the function. Scalability, on the other hand, offers a flexible increase in capacity as demand increases (e.g. the number of visitors to...

Amazon Web Services E-Commerce Cloud Hosting

Since 2006, Amazon has been offering Amazon Web Services, AWS for short. Since then, AWS has become the leader in the area of cloud computing. The high profit has also made AWS one of Amazon’s most important offerings, which is why the company is very interested in constantly adding new services to the cloud and improving existing ones. With low prices and an hourly billing Amazon has put the competition under pressure. Clients include large IT companies such as Spotify...

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