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In this category of our Cloud Hosting Blog you will find interesting articles about software we use for E-Commerce hosting in the AWS Cloud. Read about NGINX, Varnish, Redis, Docker, PHP, Debian MySQL and other hosting components that are essential for a fast page load. Any software we use is configured to improve the performance of your online store.

WordPress WooCommerce Maganto Varnish AWS Hosting

The success of a website (especially in e-commerce) depends on fast loading times of less than one second. This increases user experience and creates optimal conditions for conversion. A reverse proxy such as Varnish, which was developed as an HTTP accelerator, is an optimal help when it comes to performance on the web and the best way to counter a large number of visitors and the increasing complexity of your own website. The noticeably reduced loading time with Varnish also...

Content Delivery Network CDN Cloud Hosting

The geographical proximity between server and client is a key factor for the performance of an e-commerce website. An online shop can have a different loading time depending on the location of the server and the customer. If, for example, the server is located in the AWS data center in Frankfurt, but customers in North America and Southeast Asia are also served, this can lead to significantly longer loading times for users outside Europe. The solution to this problem is...

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