Why StorePace?

Because we make your store more profitable

Our main focus is on the optimization of your online shop. We want to create an edge over the competition for you and not only make your e-commerce application more powerful, but also more stable and secure. We approach each customer individually to ultimately create an infrastructure that allows you to focus on selling rather than worrying about IT. Here are some more reasons why we are the right partner for you:

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Customer satisfaction comes first

Our most important concern is your satisfaction. By entrusting us with the managed hosting of your cloud infrastructure, we become a strategic partner for your e-commerce business. We are aware of our responsibility and understand that the foundation of successful collaboration is that you find in us a partner whom you can trust. For this reason it is very important for us to provide excellent support and to take over your ideas down to the last detail. To do this, we work closely with you to ultimately create a cloud infrastructure that will make your e-commerce business more successful.

AWS Amazon Web Services managed hosting happy customer

Our goal is not to sell standard solutions to as many customers as possible, but to treat each customer individually and to give him the feeling of having a reliable partner at his side. The feedback of our loyal and steadily growing customer base confirms this.

We are experienced

Years of experience in AWS, Linux, PHP, WordPress/WooCommerce and Magento have made us a team you can count on. The intelligent configuration of the servers allows us to get the most out of the AWS instances, to save costs and to optimally adapt the systems to your needs so that your e-commerce application is housed in a highly efficient environment. Extremely important to us are very fast page load times of your online store, because we know that only fast load times generate high revenues.

We are innovative

Our team is constantly evolving. What is up-to-date today in IT can be obsolete tomorrow - especially in the area of e-commerce hosting. For this reason, we always use the latest server technologies and never rest on our laurels. On our test servers we are constantly experimenting with the latest hosting solutions for WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop and OpenCart. We are very fond of details when it comes to configuration - this is how we create setups that give us a certain advantage over the competition and which we are happy to pass on to you.


When setting up a new cloud infrastructure, we do not compromise on quality. Once the foundation for a new managed hosting project is laid, we will review the entire environment down to the last detail and ensure that the finished project meets our high quality standards. We are constantly evolving and would never let our clients use what we don't consider to be perfect and wouldn't use ourselves. For this reason, we test the setups thoroughly and meticulously in order to be able to offer our customers mature solutions. This is the perfect basis for long-term success on both sides. This is clear to our customers and they value us for it.

We love E-Commerce

Hosting solutions for WordPress/WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart are our passion. We appreciate them with all their quirks. We know exactly how to react to the particularities of these capricious shop systems, and above all we know in which server environments these e-commerce applications feel most comfortable. We serve customers from all over the world and can give you valuable tips that go beyond hosting due to our many years of experience in e-commerce. We have often seen how small and medium-sized online shops have become international big players and have actively contributed to this development.

AWS Managed Hosting Products

We support e-commerce companies in the conception, implementation and administration of complex managed hosting infrastructures based on the AWS cloud. In doing so, we obtain a precise overview of your current situation and, based on the information obtained, create a server environment that is optimally tailored to your e-commerce business. Below is an overview of our managed hosting product groups:

AWS Managed-Hosting

The Single-Server Environments provide a flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the cloud.

Single-Server Environments

AWS Managed-Hosting

The Multi-Server environments guarantee fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load.

Multi-Server Environments

The focus of our AWS managed hosting products is on fast performance under high server utilization as well as the provision of a secure and stable environment.

More performance, more sales!

A successful online store needs a solid and high-performing foundation to be competitive. This systematically increases the user experience, which ultimately has a very positive effect on sales. Our discerning business customers around the world are aware of the importance of professional e-commerce hosting and appreciate the technical edge over the competition, which offers them a faster infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services Managed Hosting

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you benefit from a powerful, fast, highly available, scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure that already powers worldwide hundreds of thousands online-stores.

Our AWS Managed Hosting Plans

We take care of hosting your online store in the AWS Cloud. Our powerful software stack reduces the page load time of your store, ultimately increasing your conversion rate. Be ahead of the competition and test the best-performing e-commerce hosting:

AWS Managed Hosting WooCommerce Magento WordPress

The Single-Server hosting plans provide a flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the cloud:

The Multi-Server hosting plans guarantee fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load:

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