What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS is the undisputed market leader in public cloud services and dominates the market due to its mature infrastructure and technology. The cloud giant allows your business to grow very conveniently and flexibly so you don't have to adapt to the IT that powers your online store - IT now adapts to your e-commerce business!

Founded in 2006, AWS has become a state-of-the-art business cloud solution that reduces costs, increases performance while improving reliability, security and productivity. AWS is suitable for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies as well as for large online shops that are active internationally.

Why we host on Amazon Web Services

The main advantages that AWS has over other cloud providers and traditional hosting are: Redundancy, high scalability, a global infrastructure and the use of the latest and fastest network and server hardware. But that's not all - here are a few more reasons why we operate our managed hosting services exclusively in the AWS cloud:

Cost Efficiency

You pay exactly for what you consume. You no longer have to invest in expensive hardware. Each AWS service is available on-demand and is programmatically started and stopped in just a few minutes. On this basis, you increase the resources for marketing campaigns and reduce them when they are no longer needed. This makes AWS an excellent e-commerce tool.


You benefit from the highest AWS security standards that companies like Siemens, Netflix, Slack, Adobe and many more trust. Whether you're a small business or a global player, everyone shares the same high level of security: DDoS protection, AWS Web Application Firewall, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, SOC 1/2/3, 95/46 / EC, and PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and many more.

High Performance

AWS uses the latest hardware, including the latest Intel CPUs, high performance network components, SSD disks, and the latest virtualization stack. In conjunction with CloudFront, the AWS Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), your static content is distributed worldwide and delivered to your customers from the nearest data center.


Have you had any downtime due to hardware issues or network issues in your old data center? Forget this from now on! The AWS Service Level Agreement ensures 99.99% uptime for all AWS regions - some AWS services even run at 100% durability! And the best of all, you do not have to hire any in-house administrators anymore!


You are planning a marketing campaign, but you do not have the hardware that will take you to the next level? Well, when you use AWS, you no longer have to worry about hardware limitations. Simply scale up if you need more CPU or RAM, or downsize when no longer needed. You will fall in love with this flexibility. Times have changed: Now hardware adapts to your online store and not vice versa.

Global Infrastructure

Are you a big player serving customers around the world? AWS is THE solution for you. We can help you distribute your content worldwide and give you the fastest page load times you've ever experienced. Your customers will love the speed and turn into long-term clients who value your performance advantage over your competitors.

AWS Global Infrastructure

The AWS global infrastructure includes 54 Availability Zones across 18 geographic regions worldwide. This allows you to operate your online store at the location closest to your customers to minimize latency.
AWS Global Infrastructure - Managed Cloud Hosting

Regions & Number of Data Centers:

US East China Asia Pacific Europe
N. Virginia (6) Beijing (2) Mumbai (2) Frankfurt (3)
Ohio (3) Ningxia (3) Seoul (2) London (3)
US West Hong Kong Singapore (3) Paris (3)
N. California (3) Canada Sydney (3) Ireland (3)
Oregon (3) Central (2) Tokyo (4) Stockholm (3)
Bahrain South America
São Paulo (3)
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