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We use the most powerful and high-performance hosting software

We optimize the individual components and coordinate them with each other to create setups that give our customers a clear advantage over their competitors. A brief overview of the hosting software we use can be found here.

High Performance E-Commerce Hosting Software

High-Performance Workflow

How our hosting stack increases your Conversion-Rate
WordPress WooCommerce Magento High-Performance Amazon Cloud Hosting

High-Performance Hosting Stack

Your Customers
Hosting Software Stack
CDN Hosting

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

What is a CDN?

  • Delivers any content from the nearest data center
  • Cost-effective and available worldwide
  • Faster Page Load
Hosting Software Stack
WordPress WooCommerce Magento High Performance Hosting
Your Online Shop
Hosting Software Stack
NGINX High Performance Hosting PHP7 High Performance Hosting Varnish High Performance Hosting

High-Performance Hosting Software
  • NGINX, PHP7, Varnish Cache, Redis Cache
  • Fully optimized for your Online Shop
  • Stable and Reliable
Hosting Software Stack
Amazon Web Services Managed Hosting

Cloud Infrastructure

What is AWS?

  • Secure, Cost-Effective and Redundant Infrastructure
  • High-Performance Components
  • Mature Technology

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High-Performance Software

An overview of our Hosting Software
Linux Managed Cloud Hosting

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian is our preferred operating system and is considered the most stable Linux distribution. We use the minimal version, run only software needed for performance and security, and avoid wasting server resources to be more efficient and save your AWS costs. Many other Linux distributions are based on Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.). A Debian system can run for years without having to restart it - even when upgrading to a newer major version, the server does not have to be restarted. All our hosting components are based on the Debian operating system.


MySQL Managed AWS Hosting

MySQL with xtraDb Engine

The heart of any application is the database. Unfortunately, it is also the bottleneck most of the time, which can slow down the speed. For this reason, we use a special version of MySQL with the xtraDb engine that works many times faster than the standard version. In addition, we have adjusted the configuration so that it optimally harmonizes with WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento to speed up SQL queries as much as possible.


Docker High-Performance Hosting


Docker is a container virtualization solution that integrates applications and their dependencies into a Linux container, making it easier to move between different hosts and clouds than with traditional virtual machines, or even new installations. Virtualization with Docker virtually eliminates the hypervisor, making Docker much lighter than virtual machines, resulting in speed advantage and performance boost. In addition, it isolates the services running in the container from the rest of the operating system, which adds security.


NGINX Ecommerce Hosting

NGINX Web Server

NGINX is an incredibly powerful high-performance HTTP web server, takes up extremely little RAM and delivers static content up to 10 times faster than Apache. It's the ideal solution when it comes to the speed of WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento. Today, more than 45 percent of the most visited websites worldwide are based on NGINX. Even 10,000 simultaneous visitors and more are no problem for the web server.


PHP7 Ecommerce Hosting


PHP is the programming language of all major e-commerce shop systems. Version 7, which runs twice as fast as the previous version, now features the fastest PHP ever. But not only that has brought the new version with it: Improved error handling, increased security in cryptography functions, but also a reduced need for RAM are next to the massively improved performance only a few of the innovations. We use PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) in conjunction with NGINX, which significantly boosts the speed of your online store.


Redis WordPress Magento Hosting

Redis Cache

Every high-traffic store should not use the file-based standard cache for performance reasons, but switch to an in-memory RAM cache. Redis is a database that runs completely in RAM for superior performance. Redis serves as a WooCommerce and Magento cache and is characterized by high speed read and write operations.


Varnish WordPress Magento Hosting

Varnish HTTP-Accelerator

Varnish is an in-memory HTTP reverse proxy that stores requests in RAM and delivers them up to 300 times faster than a website that does not use Varnish. The HTTP application accelerator stores data packets in RAM so that content is delivered directly from the server's superfast RAM. Slow database or file system accesses are no longer necessary. This way Varnish Cache brings a huge acceleration of your website and dramatically reduces load times for your visitors. In addition, it enormously relieves the web server, which is no longer solely responsible for editing incoming connections. Some of the most famous Varnish Cache users are The New York Times, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Facebook & Twitter.

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