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We are looking for qualified and dedicated people to work with us to find innovative solutions to complex IT challenges in the field of AWS cloud hosting. We offer a pleasant atmosphere, a friendly team and the best conditions to develop your skills. Apply today and become a part of us!

Recent Job Offers

Please apply via email to jobs@storepace.com and attach your CV and short letter why you think you are the right one for the job to the email. We always try to respond to an application within 14 days.

We are looking for a Linux administrator who is especially interested in two topics: Performance and security. The team you will work in consists of highly motivated and qualified colleagues. Professional exchange and continuous optimization are our daily routine.

Your skills:

  • Very good knowledge, safe handling and experience with Linux systems (Debian based)
  • Experience in cloud hosting, ideally in the area of Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with Debian package management
  • Experience in managing users, rights and groups (including ACL policies)
  • Security know-how to secure a web server (iptables, apparmor, cryptography, nmap)
  • Solid handling of systemd
  • Very solid knowledge of the HTTP protocol
  • Very solid knowledge of shell scripting (bash, sed, awk, xargs, grep, wildcards, globbing, set, shopt, GNU tools, channel redirection)
  • Ideally you are also a fan of the vim editor
  • Experience with the following software would be of great benefit: WordPress, Magento, NGINX, Varnish, Redis, Postfix, bind9, PowerDNS, isc-dhcp, ansible.
  • Knowledge in virtualization and container solutions such as KVM and Docker
  • Very good network knowledge (TCP / IP, VPN (OpenVPN), VLAN, routing / switching)
  • Knowledge in the analysis of traffic (tcpdump, Wireshark)
  • Experience in dealing with databases, especially MySQL
  • If you also can read and write PHP love-letters, we will buy you a beer on your first working day!
We are looking for someone who can provide support for the most important thing we have: Our customers. You should already have several years of professional experience in IT support. You understand yourself as a team player. Reliability and mutual support are as important to you as sharing fun. You have good experience in handling ticket systems as well as web-based applications in the enterprise context (e.g., CRM). Your tasks include:

  • You analyze support and service requests from our customers
  • As a passionate supporter you look after and advise our customers on IT products
  • You solve customer inquiries by means of ticket system, telephone and e-mail
  • You create and maintain our customer accounts reliably
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