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Leveraging our managed hosting services on PHP7 hosting and AWS cloud servers will ensure the best performance for your e-commerce business. Trust us to build and manage your cloud infrastructure and watch your revenue grow with managed PHP7 hosting in the AWS cloud!

PHP7 Hosting

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Benefit from powerful hosting technologies that significantly reduce the page load time of your online store. Increase your conversion rate with high performance AWS cloud hosting.

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All hosting components used by us are excellently optimized for your store whether it's WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento. Any software on your server is exactly adapted to the needs of your system.

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Our support team is always available for you and happy to help you. In addition, our 24x7x365 emergency support is available if you need to contact us in an emergency outside business hours.

PHP7 Hosting Plans

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Single Server AWS Hosting Plans

For small to medium-sized online stores

A flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the AWS cloud. We perfectly adapt a dedicated server instance to the needs of your online store. The new hosting quality forms the basis for secure growth, higher revenues and a better user experience for your e-commerce.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

Multi Server AWS Hosting Plans

For large online shops and global players

Fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load (50.000 simultaneous visitors and more are no problem). You can have multiple instances of web, caching and database servers in operation, allowing you to handle even the highest load. Your online store will always perform fast, regardless of the high load.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

PHP7 Hosting

PHP7 Hosting

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, or simply PHP) is an open-source technology which means that it is developed collaboratively by the PHP Development Team and Zend Technologies. Some of the most popular platforms to run e-commerce applications are WordPress/WooCommerce and Magento. These shop systems are completely based on PHP. The PHP programming language is the most popular programming language for making dynamic web applications, like e-commerce applications or online stores. The PHP interpreter is installed on your hosting server and the latest versions of the abovementioned shop systems require the latest version of PHP to perform efficiently.

The technology behind PHP is developed iteratively. In every iteration, there are bug-fixes, performance enhancements and solutions to security holes of previous versions. A bug is simply a PHP code behaving in an unexpected manner, leading to erroneous results. A security hole is a loophole in the PHP core itself that can be exploited by attackers to perform unauthorized or harmful operations on your web hosting server. A performance enhancement makes PHP run faster with lesser issues to get the maximum out of the hosted application.

As an e-commerce site owner you want your site to perform better. This implies that the site loads faster in the user's browser. This improves the user experience (UX) and creates a good impression in the mind of the user. Slow sites make your clients impatient and these potential customers tend to navigate away from your site. If your site runs reasonably fast on an older version of PHP, it will run even faster on the latest version of PHP.

You also want your site to be protected from attackers. Attackers study the code behind PHP technology and find security holes in it. Choosing a recent version of PHP hosting helps you remain ahead in the game as attackers have not had as much time to find vulnerabilities in the latest versions of PHP. This is where PHP7 Hosting comes into the picture.

What is PHP7 Hosting?

In each iteration of PHP technology development, a new version is released. This version has a number. Each version number has a major version number and a minor version number. For example, in PHP 5.6 the major version is 5 and the minor version is 6.

As an online shop or e-commerce site owner, your hosting probably already runs PHP5 or PHP7. PHP7 hosting is a web hosting platform in which PHP7, the latest major release of PHP, is installed on your web server.

Why is PHP7 Hosting so important?

Your e-commerce site or web application is only as fast as your web server. You need a server with low latency and low response time so that it does not create a performance bottleneck. Cloud servers are the best for this scenario. They scale up well to demands of increasing web traffic.

When you are looking for cloud servers, Amazon Web Services' cloud servers might just be the best fit. Amazon Web Services have the following benefits:

  • Cost-Effective: With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you pay as you go. You only pay for what you use. Of course, using more resources incurs more costs. The term "resources" here applies to server Hard Disk, RAM, CPU cores and speed, number of databases and bandwidth, etc.
  • Reliable: AWS has a secure and reliable infrastructure which has grown into a multi-billion dollar global business.
  • Quick Setup: With AWS, we can quickly setup your online store whether it is an existing application hosted with a different web host or a newly developed one needing to go live. We can move your existing PHP7 site to AWS Cloud Hosting. AWS has a host of well-documented APIs with which Amazon's application hosting platform can be accessed.
  • Flexible: E-commerce sites can be developed on a multitude of platforms. AWS gives the flexibility to choose an operating system (we work exclusively with Linux-Debian), web application platform, databases, etc. We will find the most suitable AWS hosting model for you.
  • Scalable and high-performance: Using the AWS components, scaling and load balancing mechanisms, your online shop can scale up or down based on the demand of the number of simultaneous users and potential customers, which shop at the same time. Your e-commerce site will have the backing of Amazon's massive computing infrastructure all the time.
  • Secure: AWS has physical, operational and software measures to harden its infrastructure against malicious users.

Why Should you leverage PHP7 Hosting?

PHP5 was first released in 2004. Malicious individuals have had ample time to study its security holes to exploit them for their own nefarious ends. This is one of the reasons why you should move from PHP5 hosting to PHP7 hosting.

PHP7 Hosting is the PHP Hosting having the best performance so far. This is because PHP7 was made specifically to perform significantly better than earlier releases. PHP7 is built on PHPng (PHP Next Gen) with the twin goals of improving speed and memory efficiency. Indeed, the performance of PHP has seen a hundred percent improvement from PHP5 to PHP7.

Also, each minor version of PHP7 is faster and more secure than the previous one. By "more secure" we mean that each minor version of PHP7 is less susceptible to attacks than the previous one and has lesser security holes. For example, PHP 7.3 is faster and more secure than PHP 7.2 which, in turn, is faster and more secure than PHP 7.1 and so forth. PHP 7.3 is almost 30 percent faster than PHP 7.0 and almost three times as fast as PHP 5.6!

You should use the latest minor version of PHP7 in your hosting because older versions are not getting any support from the developers of PHP any more. The older the version, the longer time it has been out of support. Well-documented security holes, known to attackers, are not getting fixed any more in these versions by the makers of PHP. These security holes are called "exploits" and they pose a danger to your site.

PHP7 Hosting Benefits

The main benefits of PHP7 Hosting are: 1) Speed and Performance 2) Web application security 3) Developer friendliness.

  • Speed and Performance: PHP7 Hosting improves the performance of your e-commerce web application. E-commerce systems developed with WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento, all invoke the PHP code installed in your hosting. When you move from PHP5 to PHP7 Hosting or install a new plugin built on PHP7, then these systems invoke the improved version of PHP, that is, PHP7. Since it runs faster, the load time of your e-commerce site reduces significantly. Hence, WordPress/WooCommerce and Magento perform much better. Here are some facts and figures: when WordPress 4.1.1 runs on PHP7 it executes twice as many requests, fetching twice as much data as when it runs on PHP 5.6 in the same given time period. Better conversion rates: Faster sites improve user experience and also attract more users. Better user experience means that users spend more time on your site. Also, the process of checking out of your online-shop and buying products or services on your site is faster and smoother, which means that your users' visits convert into more sales, more revenue and more profit. A slower site, on the other hand, makes users impatient and they might never come back to your site, thus reducing valuable web traffic on your site. It is said that users might not wait more than one second for your painstakingly built site to load in their browsers! PHP7 hosting will improve conversion rates and also give you an edge over your competition.
  • Web application security: PHP7 hosting keeps your e-commerce site more secure. This is because PHP7 has a comparatively much lower number of security holes than previous versions. So it is extremely tough even for expert attackers to break into your site or hosting and wreak havoc by vandalizing your website.
  • Developer friendliness: PHP7 has language features that make developers' work easier. They can spot issues in the coding more easily and fix them, thus reducing the time required to fix issues in existing code and develop new features.

Managed Hosting with PHP7

So far, you have seen the benefits of PHP7 hosting and AWS cloud servers. As an online store owner, you mostly do not have the technical knowledge needed to manage an AWS cloud web server and PHP7 hosting services. For the best performance, you should to hire server administrators who specialize in AWS managed cloud hosting and PHP7.

We possess the expertise required to deliver Managed Hosting Services which means that our experts can manage your hosting for you. We have more than a decade of experience in Cloud Hosting. Our team has experts in PHP7, AWS Managed Cloud Hosting and a multitude of technologies related to web hosting.

We can manage the cloud server, in which your store is hosted, for you and respond to any incidents that may occur during the day-to-day running of your online store. We guarantee negligible downtimes.

Our PHP7-Hosting will also maintain your web server at an optimum configuration. We adjust the configuration parameters of your web server to optimum values for best performance under changing conditions. For example, we are highly proficient in tweaking the PHP7 setup for better network performance and security, keeping attackers at bay. So, you will get the best performance if you choose us to maintain your PHP7 Hosting in the AWS Cloud, irrespective of whether you already use PHP7 Hosting or are currently using PHP5. You get to focus on your business, leaving the administration of your website hosting to us.

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