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If you are an e-commerce shop site owner looking to mitigate poor performance and loss of traffic to your site or looking to enhance your site's performance so as to improve user experience, attract more buyers and boost conversion rates, then Varnish Hosting is just the right fit for you!

Varnish Hosting

More Performance, More Sales

Benefit from powerful hosting technologies that significantly reduce the page load time of your online store. Increase your conversion rate with high performance AWS cloud hosting.

Optimized for E-Commerce

All hosting components used by us are excellently optimized for your store whether it's WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento. Any software on your server is exactly adapted to the needs of your system.

24/7 Hosting Support

Our support team is always available for you and happy to help you. In addition, our 24x7x365 emergency support is available if you need to contact us in an emergency outside business hours.

Varnish Hosting Plans

Success in E-Commerce starts with the Hosting

Single Server AWS Hosting Plans

For small to medium-sized online stores

A flexible and secure basis for fast growth in the AWS cloud. We perfectly adapt a dedicated server instance to the needs of your online store. The new hosting quality forms the basis for secure growth, higher revenues and a better user experience for your e-commerce.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

Multi Server AWS Hosting Plans

For large online shops and global players

Fast load times at peak loads and under heavy load (50.000 simultaneous visitors and more are no problem). You can have multiple instances of web, caching and database servers in operation, allowing you to handle even the highest load. Your online store will always perform fast, regardless of the high load.

* Net price excl. VAT, no minimum contract period.

Introduction to Varnish Hosting

Varnish Hosting

Websites and web applications are hosted on web servers. Web applications are sites which interact with a database, format the received data according to a template, and serve it to the visitor. In other words, they are dynamic. E-commerce sites, where products and services are traded, are a type of web application. Today, there are a plethora of e-commerce shopping sites built using a multitude of platforms.

When an internet user accesses a website, the server uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP to talk to the user's browser. As an online store owner, you need to ensure that a visitor to your WordPress/WooCommerce or Magento site has a good user experience. Part of this experience is the time your online-shop takes to load in the visitor's browser. Most users navigate away from a site if the page load time is more than one second. These users may never return to your site. The page load time increases as more and more users access your site concurrently, thus putting more load on the web server (if not using Varnish Hosting) where your online shop is hosted. Your online store also becomes more content-heavy as you add more information and details of old products or services as well as new ones. You need to optimize the loading time of your site so that it loads fast, even in peak web traffic situations. This is where Varnish Hosting comes into the picture.

What is Varnish Hosting?

Varnish hosting involves the integration of Varnish or Varnish Cache with your web hosting. Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed specifically for websites with a lot of visitors and content. It is a caching HTTP reverse proxy. This basically means that Varnish Hosting retrieves web content on behalf of the visitor's browser from one or more servers. It makes it look as if the node with Varnish installed is the origin or source of the site content. Varnish hosting can be integrated with any managed HTTP web server (EC2 instance) in the Amazon Web Services cloud. It can also be integrated with your server load balancing mechanism. It can be configured to cache the content delivered to the visitors. Varnish hosting speeds up the communication between a site visitor's computer and your e-commerce site thus speeding up your e-shop's page load time. In fact, the speed up can go up to a factor of 300! However the actual speed-up depends on the architecture of your site and your managed hosting partner.

As an online shop owner, you might be curious as to who uses Varnish Hosting as part of their infrastructure. The list of high profile companies using Varnish includes: Twitter, Facebook, Heroku, LinkedIn and many more.

Advantages of Varnish Hosting

The main advantages of Varnish Hosting are: 1) Enhanced performance 2) Flexibility 3) Reduced Cost.

  • Enhanced Performance: Varnish hosting delivers superior performance, speeding up your online shop site by a factor of up to 300. This ensures that your ecommerce shop does not get overwhelmed by web traffic, whether genuine or maliciously created. Your site gives buyers a smooth user experience even during peak hours when the number of users shopping simultaneously on your site is very high.
  • Flexibility: A key feature of Varnish Cache is that its configuration language, VCL, is highly flexible. VCL enables writing policies on how to deal with incoming requests to your online shop website. These policies deal with what content will be served to visitors, from where that content will be obtained, and how the request or response must be altered.
  • Reduced Cost: Varnish is free software licensed under the FreeBSD Licence. Commercial support is available from us and we provide solutions to your technical problems related to Varnish hosting.

Why is Varnish Hosting needed?

Why do you, as an shop owner, need Varnish Hosting? Here is why:

  • Prevent loss of traffic and customers: As an online seller, you cannot afford to lose prospective buyers and get reduced revenue due to lower sales. First-time users will leave your site if it takes too long to load, even more than two seconds. If users currently buying products on your site suddenly experience a slowdown in your online shop's services, they will become impatient. This can happen when your web hosting is overwhelmed by a large number of simultaneous users, thus degrading user experience for all. These situations lead to lost potential buyers and reduced conversion rates. This will impact revenue negatively.
  • Flexibility: As an online seller, you need software that is highly flexible. You will not install and configure Varnish in your hosting yourself - you need a server administrator to install and configure on your Varnish hosting. The configuration possibilities must be flexible enough to cater to varying needs.

How does Varnish Hosting work?

Varnish is heavily "threaded". It uses a preconfigured number of threads or execution contexts to cater to user requests. A request is made when an internet user enters the address of any page of your online shopping site in the address bar of his browser and hits Enter or clicks on a link in any page of your site. Each request or connection is handled by a worker thread chosen from the set of active threads. When the number of configured active threads is reached, the incoming requests are placed in an overflow queue. When the queue limit is reached, requests are rejected. New requests are only allowed when some of the old ones have been completed.

The content of the website is cached. This means that when a request is made for the first time it is directed to the web server as usual and its content is stored in the Varnish hosting cache. On subsequent requests to the same URL, a round trip to the hosting server is not necessary to fetch the contents of the site. The contents of the Varnish cache are served instead. Once the request's contents are cached, subsequent requests are served from the cache, thus optimizing the process of handling user requests to your online shop site. Cached content needs a much lesser amount of data-processing than content which is not cached.

Reduced work load results in higher speeds of content delivery. Sending a cached page is up to 300 times faster than generating the page anew. Varnish also supports GZip compression and decompression, a further enhancer of performance.

How does Varnish Hosting help shop owners?

Varnish Hosting provides superlative performance for your online store, improving its pagespeed. This is applicable to highly frequented websites with very content-heavy CMS systems. It improves the user experience of buyers, retains the user's interest and boosts conversion rates, resulting in more sales and revenue. Varnish Hosting gives you an edge over your competitors, resulting in more profit.

Managed Hosting: A Varnish Hosting Prerequisite

Varnish is an open-source software that needs to be installed and configured on your hosting. As an online shop owner, you will not be able to do this yourself. You need server administrators and maintenance staff to install and configure Varnish on your e-commerce shop web servers. In other words, you need "Managed Hosting" or web hosting that is managed for you. This involves leasing dedicated servers, servers meant exclusively for your hosting use. Your developers will also be able to collaborate effectively with your administrator's Varnish hosting support team which deal with the actual technical challenges in the deployment of Varnish itself, providing them with answers to technical questions about which an e-commerce shop owner might know nothing.

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